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Mary Waboss (eBook)

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When it came to advising Mary Waboss how to find a better life no one was shy in telling her what she had to do; how she could achieve independence and freedom from poverty and a cruel husband. How she could stop being afraid. And maybe if she was lucky–even find happiness.

Mary listened and believed and dreamed. Even when they said to leave the small children on the reserve with her friend Edna and escape with just Peter to the city, she still listened like a good soldier following orders. Didn’t they know more than her? Weren’t they teaching her how to stand on her own, to have more confidence, not to lean on others. With diligence she followed their advice. But in the short time she had left the reserve she was faced with deceivers, manipulators, liars and power brokers. No one had told her this was part of the dream. Slowly the dream dissolves from an illusion to a nightmare that demands from one too innocent the ultimate sacrifice a mother should not have to give.

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