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Keep on Roasting John

Saturday 25 February, 2017

I was reviewing the testimonials and notice that I never sent you one. We as well as so many guests stopped in on a cruise, this was EIGHT years ago and we still order 2-3 times a year. Initially, whenever we traveled to friends and family we brought a bag to share. Not because we didn't like their coffee (though this did come into play!) but to let them know that Shady Lady was out there AND it's incredibly simple. Things have changed over the years from having to right a letter, then an email, mail payment to Toronto and hope that the coffee arrives it's now so easy to have the delicious roast right here with the use of his website. Thanks John
Testimonial By: Elaine Himmelman — Napa, CA, United States — elaine

So Rich and Satisfying

Tuesday 20 January, 2015

Hi John, like so many others we discovered your coffee stand on the pier. We were there on Dec 8 of 2014. We talked for some time and I mentioned we had been getting coffee from most of our stops along the cruise and that I would write and give you my honest opinion of yours. We bought an 18 oz package and I am sad we didn't buy you out!! You told us that someone had stolen a load of beans off your truck and that they probably threw out the beans kept the containers. THEY NEED THEIR HEADS EXAMINED!! Love this coffee and we have such fond memories of our short visit with you. I wonder if the Russian fellow I tried to convince to buy a bag actually bought one.
Testimonial By: Tally Thompson — Valley Center, CA, United States — Retired

Awesome Coffee

Tuesday 26 March, 2013

During a stopover on a cruise ship, we tried your coffee. Needless to say, we are hooked and would like to order more. I see on your website that you don't offer smaller quantities of less than 9 bags of 18 oz. Is that a fact or am I missing something? We don't drink coffee everyday but when we do, I want a GREAT cup of flavor.
Testimonial By: Eunice Torretta — St. Charles, MO, United States

Flavor = Smooth

Tuesday 22 January, 2013

After trying several different coffees from our recent cruise, we have found Shady Lady to be the most flavorful and the smoothest. I am just thankful that one of the cruise ship employees recommended Shady Lady. Our first order is just being submitted.
Testimonial By: Micahel Lake — Ocala, FL, United States


Wednesday 08 June, 2011

Before my trip to Costa Rica I heard how good Shade Lady coffee but I must say after tasting it is even better than expected. Everyone I serve this to when they come to my house comment that this is THE best coffee they ever tasted.
Testimonial By: Jeff Hoyle — Mount Pleasant, MI, United States

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